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In the heart of romantic Istria

Dear guests,

Welcome to Motovun, an ancient Istrian town located in inland Istria which has been attracting people from all over the world for centuries because of its location and exceptional beauty. We are pleased to be able to guest you in the centre of one of the most beautiful towns in European urban history.

Because of the magical beauty of Motovun, our family believed in its success and wanted to return the feeling of the past and to give new dimensions of dreams to its hotel. We want you to experience the beauty of inland Istria and to enjoy the union of history, culture and magical nature in our cosy family hotel.

We are offering you the best we have: quality accommodation, gastronomic delicacies of our region and quality wine, complete relaxation in our wellness centre and recreational and cultural contents. In the domestic ambient of our hotel, we want to offer you a welcoming handshake to wish that this place stays with you as a fond memory so that you will always be ready to return.

We hope to have the honour of being your hosts and to fulfil all of your expectations. Welcome to Hotel Kaštel in Motovun!

With regards,
Igor Legović - Hotel Manager

the hotel

Hotel Kaštel*** is located at the very top of a 277 meter-high hill where the medieval town of Motovun stands. The highest Motovun square, which is fenced by walls, is surrounded by constructions from the Venetian period. It can be accessed through the ancient town door, and Hotel Kaštel, located in a 17th century palace, is one of the highest constructions on the central Motovun square.

It is surrounded by a renaissance town palace, the town lodge and the parish church of St. Stjepan with a bell tower. In front of Hotel Kaštel is a terrace with centuries-old chestnut trees which also mark the begining of the promenade through the walls of the city. Palace Pollesini, where Hotel Kaštel is located, was carefully furnished and adjusted to the needs of our guests. In the warm and domestic atmosphere of this family hotel, tradition, a pleasant ambient and comfort intertwine. In the magical surrounding landscape – the Motovun forests and the Mirna River along with famous vineyards, the wellness Hotel Kaštel can guest up to 70 people in its 33 accommodation units.

The guests can find true pleasure in having their morning coffee or dining specialties from the kitchen of our restaurant in the shade of centuries old chestnut trees and closed areas of the restaurant. Almost every window of the magical construction offers an exceptional view of the town square, the town streets, the landscape of central Istria, the valley of the Mirna River and famous Motovun vineyards hich give a feeling of complete relaxation from the moment you wake up and till you go to sleep.

"We are offering you
the best we have"

  • Authentic accommodation -
  • Local gastronomic delicacies -
  • Istrian quality wines -
  • Relaxation in our wellness centre -
  • Recreation and adrenaline -
  • Interesting cultural treasures -

Welcome to
magical Motovun

Motovun is a city-monument, an ancient Istrian acropolis city situated on the top of a 277 meter-high hill whose current appearance originates from the Middle Ages, the 12th and 13th century. The longest Istrian stairway with 1052 stairs leads to the top of the Motovun hill and its Venetian city square. From the rich construction heritage of Motovun, we give special attention to the city door with a tower, the renaissance palace, the city lodge, the parish church of St. Stjepan, the smaller churches of Madonna dei Servi and Madonna delle porte, the medieval arrangement of the streets, the city tank and many emblems on the front of buildings. The position and landscape of Motovun make it one of the most beautiful older cities on the Mediterranean. Hotel Kaštel is located on the main town square, in a 17th century palace.

Vineyards are spread all around Motovun where the grapes for the famous Istrian wines Teran and Malvasia grow, while the Motovun forest, which spreads kilometres through the Mirna valley is the habitat for the famous underground mushroom called the truffle which is dug out in this area with the help of specially trained dogs. Summer and early autumn is the time the black truffles grow (Tuber Aestivium) and during late autumn and winter the tastiest and expensive white truffles are taken out (Tuber magnatum-Pico). In October the Days of Truffles are marked in several places in the Mirna valley, and meals with truffles are the pride and offer of Hotel Kaštel in Motovun.

Across from Motovun is the picturesque town of Oprtalj and the place called Livade, known for the Days of Truffles which are held there from September to November. In Livade, which is also called the international centre for truffles, a special festival is organized each year with a contest for the largest truffle.

Andrea Antico
(1480. - 1539.)

renaissance composer, the inventor of musical publishing, was born in Motovun

Joseph Ressel
(1793. - 1857.)

the inventor of the boat drift pin, was the manager of the state forests in Motovun and here he developed his most famous inventions

Mario Andretti

famous world champion of Formula 1 and the winner of races in Indianapolis was born in Motovun and today lives in the U.S.A.

Since ancient times, Motovun has been the most important inhabited place in the wider region and according to new studies of new age scientist, the city owes its key position to the fact that it is located on the intersection of the Earth's energetic meridian or the so-called dragon's furrows. These meridians transfer the Earth's positive, life energy through the landscape and in places where such “furrows” intersect, as is the case with Motovun, there is a strong force of positive energy.

This sort of energy affects people by making them feel relaxed and calm, their concentration and spirituality is increased, it rests and rejuvenates, benefits meditation and develops creativity and tolerance. Maybe this is the reason for the numerous Motovun gatherings and the creative companionship of people from all over the world. An old legend says that a long time ago giants lived in the valley of the Mirna River. They were so large that, by looking at the cities on the hills over Mirna, they handed tools and large stones to each other. One of the cities which were built in that legendary time was Motovun. Many years later, when Istria was inhabited by ordinary people as well, the giants started disappearing, but through the legends and stories of Vladimir Nazor, the Motovun Giant “Veli Jože” was remembered. He was so large and strong that he was able to shake the bell tower of the Motovun church with his bare hands.

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