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Polesini family

The records reveal that the former palace, now Hotel Kastel, belonged to family Polessini, a noble family of Italian origin, from Motovun. This is a family that played an important role in the political, social, economic, cultural and scientific life of Istria. The family moved to Italy at the end of the Second World War, where its descendants live today.

KEC Kaštel

Polessini palace was renovated and converted into a hotel in the sixties, in the previous century. Since 1998, it is privately owned by our family, Erik, which provided the hotel with a complete renovation and enriched it with a variety of amenities. It now houses a newly built wellness centre and all the rooms have been renovated as well as the restaurant, terrace and kitchen.

Our accommodation is notable for its exclusive rooms, and among them especially the Castellum room - decorated and preserved in the original baroque style, which testifies about the times in which the palace itself was built. The room with its original stucco decorations from the 17 century and decorative embossed mouldings that present the theme of four seasons are evidence of the original construction of the Polessini palace.

polesini family


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